Data Engineering & Analytics

Are you getting the data you need?

You know the data set exists, its value and you don't have access to it.

You may have access but the manual task to bring it all together takes a long time and is error prone.
Let us help you navigate access to needed data sets

How much data are you not using?

Internal data sets are siloed. External data sets are hard to acquire.

Get hold of your data that you need for operations and for experimentation. We build custom pipelines that are extensible. Scrap data, pull from social media and/or your organizations ERP

How are you validating your models performance?

You deployed your model. Now what? Tuning.

Tuning involves training your model with incremental data. To do so make sure you have checks on data quality, model run time and model performance. Added to that version both the data and models for reproducibility

Don't you wish you had one version of the truth. Conform your heterogeneous data sources into one reporting repository.

Data Warehousing

Archive your data. When you need it utilize the power of MPP and the cloud to process new functionality, scale hypothesis testing and disseminate information

Data Lakes

Got Sensors? Need to build a real time platform? Get insights and awareness from Fraud detection, Sentiment Analysis. Log Monitoring Processing & Customer Behavior


Tell a story using your data. Find new trends and outliers visually. The last and most important mile

Data Visualization

Machine Learning allows you to model potential risk, propensity of a customer, match your customers to new services or interpret surveys

Machine Learning

Build Intelligent platforms that can analyze images, comprehend speech and interact with your customers in natural ways

Artificial Intelligence

Let us automate your Business processes (BPA), Applications (RPA) and Desktop routines (RDA)


DevOps for the data analyst. Version your models, build in checks and gates across the full analytics life-cycle


Discovery & Documentation (40hrs)
Requirement Gathering
Data Availability Assessment
Data Quality Assessment
Privacy Analysis
 Solution Map
Macro Project Plan
Prototyping (200hrs)
Micro Project Plan
Cloud Infrastructure Setup
Data Preparation
Model Development
Model Evaluation
Risk Analysis
Initial Insights
Implementation & Maintenance
Architect $275
Senior Analyst $220
Senior Data Engineer $200
Analyst $175
Engineer $155
Jr Analyst $135
Jr Engineer $110

Wherever you go,

We will follow.

We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your needs.